ERP Construction is an integrated system include all modules : Construction management, Materials & Equipments ,warehouse management , Financing & accounting.
- Planning based on accurate data.
- Follow the plan.
- Inspect, control and prevent mistakes.
- Make accurate & timely decisions.

The benefits of using ERP - Worldsoft system.

- Save up to 30% in costs and labor in the operations.
- Reduce the number of office staff cost savings in the future, especially when rising wages and lack of high quality human resources.
- Directors and Board of Directors have access to the data on which the system can manage the company's activities anytime, anywhere, can make all indicators for all staff in the office as well as the and decisions issued through network deployment environment system.
- Avoid the cluster of information.
- Ensure the consistency and security; document of all department in the company. Connect all departments in the company and financial accouting deparment together, avoid the mistakes due the to subjective factor of employees.
- The system creates favorable conditions for the transfer case position working in the company among employees due to the legacy database is stored in the system.
- The system integrates with email and SMS, users can easily send email and text messages directly from the phone system.

Project Management

Project Management module is the subsystem which manages throughout the process from the initialization to the implementation of the project.

The system will give warnings of overdue, notice any upcoming deadline of tasks given, and send emails to the assigned staff.

The system helps control the project’s allocation of resources and labor.

Tender Package Management

Manage the subcontractors and their capacities as the basis for the bid evaluation.

Information management of tender package contracts and payment schedule.

Construction Progress Management

The system will allow up alerts behind schedule than progress.

Allows store the construction diary under the scan type files or directly update from the managing deparment at the construction.

The function of attaching file, photo from the camera at the construction to check or compare with the construction's diary or report the.

Construction management

Materials - Warehouse Management

Manage the purchase and distribution of the building materials to the construction. Through the databases connection, the system assists users from the material planning, forward the plan to the Management Board for approval, allocate the materials, and transfer the stock in/stock out order to the warehouse. As a result, the company can reduce the labor cost and loss or theft of the materials.

The system enables composite materials requirement planning and making optimal purchasing

Financial Accounting Management

Expenditure plan in the budget conditions be limited.

Automatically organize the priority according to the predefined criteria.

Approves payment bills online.

Optimize the budget.

Quản lý các hợp đồng vay vốn theo công trình và các phiếu nhận nợ.

The relationship between the construction - building materials - accounting management


Create the plan for needs and prepare budget.

Ensure the project and material supply progress.

Optimize the labor resources.

Constantly update the information from the stage of forming the purchasing order to receiving and issuing stocks, and entering in the account.


By construction solutions for each department. To ensure the workflow of your company without interruption. This solution makes the fee to give you the most savings. Not that you have to worry about it too.

The success of each project and the norm of the absolute criteria of our company. Customer satisfaction is the new real success for us.


Real Estate Customer Relationship Management

Increase win rates by 29% when you use RE-CRM to manage contacts and sales activities. Get real time dashboards and forecasts that are 44% more accurate. And help reps be 32% more productive by letting them sell anywhere, from any device.

The benefits of using Worldsoft

- Save costs by 30%.
- Avoid the cluster of information.
- Immediately check the sales status of the project.
- Track the sales revenues and liabilities in a quick and accurate manner.
- Planning the business strategy effectively under the intelligent reporting system.
- Careful customer service
- Integrated with contract creation tools.
- Create the payment process flexibly based on each project and for each customer.
- Closely manage the changes in contract and appendix.
- Integrated with SMS, email to remind debt collection and customer care.
- Assign roles in accordance with each user, project and officer at the trading floor.
- High safety and security.

Real Estate Businesss Management

Worldsoft help you manage your companies with a professional management system, solving all problems of the process of making the contract, tracking payment process contract of customer...Day as professionalizing staff and management.

Customer Information Management

Infomation customers

Record the needs of customers

Customer statistics

Customer care service

Construction Information Management

Project - product Information

Historical transaction of products

History sale price of products

Document Progress Management


Declaration of the Standard Edition

Contract and Debts Management

Project Statistic Reports

Inventory goods statistics: list and icons layout.

Statistics on sold areas.

Project Statistics

Revenue Reports

When implementating the Worldsoft RE-CRM, your company can control all information


Current status of the project.

The relationship between customers - contracts - products

Contracts, addendums and contract payment process

History assignment contract

The system of multi-dimensional statistical reports

Pre-Standard Package

Contract management been user limit

- 0%

12 month (billed contract)

Standard Package

Contract management been user limit

- 10%

12 month (billed contract)

Extanded Package

Contract management been user limit

- 20%

12 month (billed contract)

Preferable Package

Contract management been user limit

- 40%

24 month (billed contract)

Premium Package

Contract management been user limit

- 50%

36 month (billed contract)


RE-CRM is built on cloud technologies.

RE-CRM allows you to access anytime , anywhere and protect your info absolute secure.

We are committed to supporting you all time and any place.

Human Resource and Payroll Management

HR-Payroll is the management system based on human experience, addressing the shortcomings such as: difficult to manage employee information, take long time for salary calculation , the company has many branch offices in many different geographical locations.


- Allow the executive board to access the databases on the system which can help to monitor and control all activities of the company easily.
- Ensure the integration and security of the databases; save lots of time.
- Ensure the task transition among employees.
- By applying the payroll and electronic timekeeping system, company can ensure two factors in the workplace. The first factor ensures the fairness, transparency and accuracy. The second one is the flexibility in the regulations and policies public of the company. The two factors help create a professional and friendly working environment and ensure the consciousness of discipline which help employees receive and comply with the policies easily.


- Using the machine fingerprint and new generation proximity card which have advantages such as possible for reading wet fingerprint and sending data in two modes - online and offline.
- The software directly integrates with timekeeping device.
- The whole procedure of requesting for permission of absence, approval processes, recruiting and training processes are carried out online via the system
- The system is updated frequently based on the changes in management policy of the government in order to support employees in compliance with the typical workflow.
- The flexible functions allows users to change the parameters like the level of family allowances, the income level associated with the income tax rates, the rate of social insurance, health insurance ...
- The system is built on web-based technology. Therefore, the executive board can monitor and control the timekeeping, checking in and out the office at different geographical locations.
- Users can themselves define parameters and different work modes. Therefore, the system is applicable to many different groups.
- Handling large quantities of data.
- Integrating the automated email and phone messaging system.

Human resource management

Employees profile management: managing all of the information of employees such as employee’s profiles, learning and working processes, working experience...

The system helps connect employees’ background to personal income tax so that company can calculate the personal income tax correctly.

View the entire history of employees easily.

Labor contract management

Creating the labor of contracts on the system and managing all type of labor contracts

Warning the upcoming due of the labor contract

Rewarding and disciplinary issues management

View the history of rewarding and discipline of each employee.

Transfer business management

Employees’ information will be automatically updated on the system in the related department after the transfer.

Human resource employee statistical report include

HR statistics report sort by age, gender, qualification.

Statistics report sort by upcoming due labor contracts.

Reporting of increasing or decreasing in workforce.

Reporting actual labor use.


The speed fast growing of a company that require enhanced management efficiency. Hence the need to deploy personnel management and salary. WORLDSOFT with cloud technology can help companies integrate data from the department and branch. Helping you directly access the data on the system system which can monitor and control company operations easily.


HR-Payroll is built on cloud technologies.

HR-Payroll allows you to access anytime , anywhere and protect your info absolute secure.

We are committed to supporting you all time and any place.

Financial Accounting

WS-Accounting is application Accounting Business Administration maximum support to the accounting department. Not to spend too much time just like when using the old accounting system. WS-Accounting has been designed in accordance with regulations, laws, current tax ... to help businesses always comply with the law. Furthermore, WS-Accounting to help you solve the complex all calculations. What you need to do is enter data and print out the results

- The system is designed based on the morden technology which can easily intergrate with other management software of Worldsoft. That can help the system become enterprise resource planing which can manage the whole company activities.
- The interface simple and easy to understand. The most information is shown on one page full screen.
- Allows identify the debt account - more than one line. andQuickly reference balances cash account & objects while manipulating.
- Accounts & Accounting subjects can be opened up to 3 levels.
- The program can check the logic of each account.
- Transfers of month balance transfer balance to the next year automatically.
- The time for printing reports is optional.
- The software operates smoothly with large databases. For example, Minh Long 2 Accounting System runs with more than 1 million records.

Management Catalog

Account catalog: standard account system under the 15 decision.

Subject catalog: organizing multiple paternity level including: Client, Supplier, Revenue.

Task catalog.

Inventory catalog.

Material - goods catalog: organizing multiple paternity level.

Fixed asset catalog.

Longterm distribution catalog (CCDC).

Expenses catalog that distribute in longterm.


Cash accounting.

Deposit accounting.

Liabilities accounting.

Purchase accounting.

Sales accounting.

Inventory accounting.

General accounting.

Cost - pricing accounting.

Fixed assets accounting.

Reporting System

Administrative reports.

Finanacial reports.

Tax reports.

Pricing reports.

Accounting books.

Other statistic reports ( revenue, expense…).


WS-Accounting with a team of over 20 experts in the field of accounting - audit profession. Research supports building systems for over 10 years. WS-Accounting will surely satisfy the most demanding users. With the support of the WS-Accounting will help save time with highest accuracy in the work of you. Besides, WS-Accounting have compatibility with the most of ERP system.

WS-Accounting is built on cloud technologies. WS-Accounting allows you to access anytime , anywhere and protect your info absolute secure. We are committed to supporting you all time and any place.

Document Management System


It’s online project document management system used to in the area for construction, infrastructure, energy projects. It includes document management, project communication, workflow process and a lot of things you need for.

Investors, main contractors, sub-contractors, consultants, projects managers use Go-DMS to replace traditional communication by hardcopy or email . All documents and information are stored in one place when your projects are in Go-DMS , all parties can share and work together. Moreover it easier to reduce bottlenecks and the complexity of all processes .This helps to reduce costs and improve communication and in result improve the profits for.


Project Communication

Upload and download all type of document by anything: PC, iPad , smart phone.

Replace your traditional email system.

All versions control and distribute documents to to the right person.

Share information and work together.

Nothing deleted, all in one place.

Workflow Management

The Unlimited Options That You Can Get From Us

Creating workflow and implement it easily.

Unlimited user.

Control all steps and help identify all bottlenecks.

Unlmited projects or data.

No Hardware, No Software

By using our server you have to invest very minimal costing , this will not place a burden on your project budget.

No need to invest in server and others complicated service , what all you need is Internet.

Starting with your first project to see how it adds value to your project and then you can pay up front.

The costing can be shared for all participipants , investor, contractor, consultant , suppliers ….therefore not only you to pay .Everyone shares data and share cost.

Pre-Standard Package

Contract management been user limit

- 0%

12 month (billed contract)

Standard Package

Contract management been user limit

- 10%

12 month (billed contract)

Extanded Package

Contract management been user limit

- 20%

12 month (billed contract)

Preferable Package

Contract management been user limit

- 40%

24 month (billed contract)

Premium Package

Contract management been user limit

- 50%

36 month (billed contract)


Go-DMS is built on cloud technologies.

Go-DMS allows you to access anytime , anywhere and protect your info absolute secure.

We are committed to supporting you all time and any place.

School Management System

Overview of the School Management System

Go-SMS is built on a consistent architecture using web-application technologies, MVC model. Go-SMS meets all processes and operations in a university (national systems and system link), college (the national system and system link), secondary input from the operation until output closed process, data link between the Faculty, department.

The School Management System has been adopted in many institutions, such as the American Polytechnic College (VATC) and Mangolia School; the system is also applicable to various specificications of Vietnamese schools.

The system is suitable to school models that have training centers at different locations. Through the system, all users at any location can upate and access the databases.


Admission module manages the information of a prospective student from the application/registration process to the student profile throughout his/her study at the school. All related information of a student will become the input data for one department and in reverse, other departments will update the student’s academic results.

Functions in the Admission Module:

- Prospective students: Archive prospective students’ personal and contact information.
- Reminder: Remind the meeting schedule with prospective students, and the schedule of entrance exam.
- Application process: Archive information of the application documents for each student Create and save the application form
- Reminder: Remind the meeting schedule with prospective students, and the schedule of entrance exam.
- Entrance Exam: Entrance exam process is the English language test to assess the students’ levels in order to arrange the appropriate short English course or other pre-courses before the students officially starts with the associated program. The system will archive the grades, and arrange the course to fit with the students’ qualifications.
- Tuition and other fees: The system helps setting up all the required fees like registration fee, administrative fees, etc. before the student’s official enrollment at the school.
- Class arrangement: The system supports the consultant section in arranging students in the short-term English course or replaceable courses. The system also sets up the minimum and maximum number of students, to optimize the class arrangement.


The Academic Module supports the academic division and the student affair department after the students’ official start at the school.

Functions in the Academic Module:

- Set up the levels, programs, courses, and classes for different enrollment semesters: The module enables the users to define the levels, programs, courses and classes available at the school and adjust them according to each enrollment semester.
- Set up the courses corresponding with the requirements of each levels and programs
- Set up the classes for each course, as well as English language classes and other courses to create the basis for class arrangement and control the student performance.
- Automatic class arrangement: Based on the actual number of students enrolled and paid the tuition fee, the Academic Module will arrange them in classes following the minimum and maximum total allowed students. In case the number of students does not meet the minimum number, the Academic Module will transfer or cancel the class.
- Student performance control: Define the elements of grades and grade calculation formula.Input individual scores, Input exam results, Input grades from Excel file. Create, Add, Edit, Delete the score. Calculate grades for each semester, several semesters, each school year, or each period. Estimate the average grade and rankings according to the Vietnam Ministry of Education’s policy, or the GPA of the internation credit evaluation.
- Graduation Process: The system helps the Academic Division to accumulate the student performance, assess if the student meets the standard to attend the graduation exam, and then approve the graduation upon the student performance and the final exam’s results.


Payment Module links with the Sales Department, Academic Division, and Student Affair in the process of tracking tuition fee payment. The module permits, in a flexible manner, setting up the tuition fee, other fees, and the billing that vary depending on the short courses, subjects or credits. As a result, it is suitable to the specific diversity of an institution.

Functions in the Payment Module:

- Set up tuition fee and other fees, and the tuition billing process
- Set up preferential policies and the corresponding discount rates
- Make a list of fees based on short courses, on each semester or following the credit system.


The Class Scheduling module links the components including classes, classrooms, and instructors via the scheduling algorithm in order to design the optimal schedule in accordance with the inputs. The class scheduling helps taking full advantage of a classroom’s capacity, and preventing the schedule conflicts for instructors. It also enables the schedule adjustment to different periods of time.

Functions in the Class Scheduling:

- Scheduling optimally based on the inputs: The module enables users to schedule the timetable for each class based on the number of classes and the available classrooms. Define the sessions of each day, including the starting and ending time. After arranging the class, the system allows to add the instructors’ information of each class. The system also automatically free up the classroom at the end of the course, and continue to arrange another class. Calculate the room capacity


School Management System of JSC WorldSoft has been implemented software for Vietnamese American Training College (VATC), Mangolia School School (USA) and has the flexibility to adapt to the requirements of the schools in Vietnam.


Go-SMS is built on cloud technologies.

Go-SMS allows you to access anytime , anywhere and protect your info absolute secure.

We are committed to supporting you all time and any place.